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what if an old women not provide sex to the husband [poll]

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Dear Maulana Sahib!
Respectfully i want to as about a matter that is accouring in our family. The problem is that my father age is 64 he is blind and also causing severe accident of right leg. My mother is 60 years old having blood pressure, heart problem, artritize and sugar problem. Now my mother is not able to full fill my fathers demand of sex and my father says if she is not willing to fullfill i will divorce her.

what shria says about this issue. kindly highlight and what i should day as a son.

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asked May 31, 2014 in Islam by anonymous

1 Answer

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if one muslim did anal fuck with his wife, is the nakahh is broked or not.


If one muslim did anal fuck with his wife then what says islam, is there any problem for their nekahh

answered Jan 1, 2015 by Hayat