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What is an Islamic way of punishing your wife?

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"Spanking on the buttocks is not an Islamic way of punishing your wife."

Why wouldn't it be and if it's not then what is? As a physical form of discipline I can think of no less harsher form of punishment.  


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asked Jun 7, 2013 in Islam by anonymous (6,010 points)

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The more important question is why would you wanna punish your wife? marriage is a partnership if you can't get along or take it anymore then you made a wrong decision. Either break up or get divorced. You can't just punish a person because you made a bad decision.
answered Jun 9, 2013 by anonymous
You should post this as a question. The fact is my question is related the the quote of another question. I don't know why someone might want or feel that it is necessary to punish their wife. The fact is in Islam the man is the leader of his home and this is written in the Qur'an. I do have a theory about your question/answer, however. Maybe someone did not make a bad decision, perhaps the couple are in love and live their life according to the word of Allha (SWT). Why would you just rush to break up your family and get a divorce if there are alternative methods that can save a marriage? Sometimes you have to punish your children when they have done something wrong, no one would just think to get rid of the child, give him away or "divorce" him. Teach and grow and live and learn.

My question simply asks in what way are the wives punished, linked to an answer that says "Spanking on the buttocks is not an Islamic way of punishing your wife." People punish each other everyday in every culture for many reasons, even and especially married couples. Sometimes they punish each other just by staying married, in which case your question/answer would most certainly apply. If you are a Muslim and you practice Islam then maybe you could offer some intimate knowledge of the dynamics involved in such a marriage.
First of all it has to be realized that in Islam the use of corporal punishment is a last resort. A husband is expected to admonish his wife first for any disobedence or disrespect. In the vast majority of cases a wife properly raised in the wisdom of the prophet will correct her behavior. But if correction is needed, typically the wife is sent to the bedroom and stripped naked. Then she is punished with either a small whip, a strap or belt on the buttocks. Spanking with the hand is not generally done. In some cases an unmarried women may be punished this way by her father or brother, but only for the worst offenses.