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Washing a dead body

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Salam alaikum,

Few days ago, my very good friend (32 years old) died Allah yrahmou and I helped washing his body.His family are overseas and after the salat, his body was shipped there.
One gentleman that washed the body with us informed us after, that nothing should be shared with anyone.
I was wondering if it is permissible at least to tell his parents that a good friend of their son helped washing their son's body , and if so, what are the things that could be shared with them to alleviate their pains?

Thank you, Jazakallah Khair
asked Aug 23, 2013 in Islam by anonymous

1 Answer

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My condolences.

Good question. I don`t see why would you need to keep it secret. I am sure the family would love to have any information that will ease their pain. I would tell them.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by anonymous