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Are drugs Haram in Islam?

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Are drugs Haram in Islam? What kind of drugs would be unlawful and bad for Islam?
asked Feb 12, 2011 in Islam by anonymous
edited Feb 13, 2011

4 Answers

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Drugs are not bad. Responsible use of drugs in moderation can be beneficial and fun. Producing, giving people, or selling drugs are also not bad.
answered Dec 28, 2020 by hmalik (170 points)
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I am going to refer the word "Drugs" as chemical medicines.

I know some Muslims dont get any medicine if it contains any chemicals. So they get %100 natural medicines only.

So some Muslims believe chemicals are haram. That is why they dont even use any colone or parfume but they use only those natural esense oils in small bottles.

But of course there are lots of Muslims take medicine and they believe it is necessary (and not haram) to take any medicine if it is good for your health.

I am not even talking about addictive/illegal drugs such as marujanna, cocain etc. Of course every Muslim would be against to those drugs. Because it says in Quran that you should not use anything which falsifies your conscious.
answered Apr 7, 2011 by anonymous
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Of course they are haram. Any medicine made with chemicals are haram. Just like how colones and perfumes are also haram. A Muslim should take only Natural medicine and natural made colones/perfumes.
answered May 21, 2011 by anonymous
chemicals are not haram, neither are colones and perfumes. Stop being stupid.
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Using "Drugs" in Islam is Haram, because basically these things (Drugs) are not naturally made.
answered Feb 1, 2013 by hancy1945 (270 points)
Just because something is not naturally made, does not make it haram. There are also several drugs that are natural/naturally made.