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Extremely Non-Religious Friends VS Religious group of friends mostly opposite gender

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Salam Alaikum,
I'll start of with a bit about myself. I'm 15 (girl) in secondary school. I'm not easily influenced,even though I'm surrounded by haram I'm able to not even thinking of joining in. Every girl has managed to do an act of zinaa except me. 
And even though all my Muslim friends do do haram things,I spend ages giving them advice and they act like they will never do it again but they do. It's very tiring chasing after them trying to get them to do the right thing. I'm simply fed up. They also make me look bad in public by swearing,being loud, quite boisterous. 
The thing is,I find that the girls are all bad influences and I wanted to just cut ties with all the girls because I'm just tired of being the only religious person there. I've tried to make religious friends in mosque and Arabic school but I just find that they too are not religious either. 
I was wondering is it better if I keep being friends with these girls who indulge in so much zina and haram or befriend this friendship group that's mostly made up of boys (with 3 girls but they aren't religious) who I obviously won't have any physical contact and theyre very religious so we all now our boundaries and I know for a fact I won't ever do any haram acts. Plus it's also a respite from having to listen to conversation about music,gossip and rumours and haram acts etc
I just need advice whether I should just stay with the girls or the religious boys 
asked Apr 4, 2014 in Islam by Asiama

1 Answer

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What do you think is less wrong?
And are you sure that it's just about that, or some kind of romance involved?
Why do you assume that every girl is haram?
answered Sep 1, 2015 by Ali