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Should a Muslim go to a church?

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Can a Muslim go to a church and pray or just visit and see what is there? Can they ever just get in one? or is it considered a big sin?
asked Feb 16, 2011 in Islam & Christianity by anonymous
edited May 21, 2011 by Admin

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Most muslims dont just walk into a church and visit. Because they have this common (traditional) belief of christians being different than them. But an educated muslim will know that church, synagogue and mosque are all God`s home. You can pray in either of them and they are no different then each other.

All three religions are the same except some minor differences as prophets, books etc. They all believe and pray to the same God. They all have very similar history and fundamentalist ideas.

Therefore a muslim can/should go to a church. Visit, learn, understand and respect!

Not just to a church, to a synagogue also.

answered Feb 27, 2011 by anonymous
actually a Muslim should not visit a church. because prayers in Islam and other religions are different, and Islam is different as well.
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If a muslim should asist to a messe?/
answered Dec 30, 2011 by salimjoomun (140 points)
Open a new topic! I dont understand your question. What is "messe" ? what are you actually asking? Plus i think you should open a new question topic and put your question there, instead of writing your question as an answer to somebody elses question.
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A messe is the christian ceremony which the do in the church, as being a muslim is it permisible to assit it?
answered Jan 5, 2012 by anonymous
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I am not sure if it's a sin, but I do know it is looked down upon whenever you begin to question your religion and way of life. Christians and Muslims historically have not gotten along with each other, so its kind of taboo.
answered Oct 2, 2013 by anonymous
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Very strange question, because it is a confusing answer as always to just about anything in Islam.  It comes under the subject of apostasy in several countries.  However, the basic question is how it can come under such a condition when Christ is labelled as an Islamic prophet and the Bible is accepted in Islam as the Injeel?


I wouldn't say more.  The intelligent can ruminte on this and answer it to themselves.
answered Oct 4, 2014 by Makrun