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Do I have to pay her the mahar after khula as was not paid during nikkah ? [poll]

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I got married in June 2013 to a divorcee revert sister with 3 kids. Long story short we agreed a mahar of 500 pounds. We agreed that I could pay it later on. In July 2013 without any reason  she asked for a divorce. The reason she said was that she was still in love with her ex husband. I did not want to divorce her but I only gave importance to her needs or wants. It was better for me to divorce her than for her to commit a sin behind my back. So I asked her over the phone what does she want. She replied " I will say release me and you  say I release you ". So all I said was " I release you". Now is that a khul or a divorce ?

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asked Aug 12, 2014 in Islam by anonymous

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