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The debt I paid off to the brother from the phones he sold off is it accepted in Islam ? The money I owe the company is it classified as a debt in Islam ?

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Last year in 2013 I was planning to make hijra to a muslim land but it did not work out. During that period a brother got a couple of phones or more on contract using my details. All I know of is the two phones. He kept the phones with him and sold one and we divided the money. I told him to keep the money from the other phone because I owed him some rent money as I was also renting out a room from him. But now I have fixed my ways Alhamdulillah and wanted to mend the mistakes I done. I want to declare my self bankrupt and start all over because the bill is well over 2,000 pounds and I have no job at the moment also I can't arrange the money. 

asked Aug 12, 2014 in Islam by anonymous

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