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how do I deal with illegitimacy?

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salam... I am a muslim and so r my parents,but they were not married and they had me... although they were not married my biological father has accepted me as his child and they registered me with his name although they were no longer together and never got married. After one year there was a problem and my mother forbid him from seeing me (she had her reasons and I don't judge her) instead I blame him because from what people tell me he was at fault although he always denied being at fault and people tell me I should not do that and should forget and forgive because if Allah S.W.T forgives all our sins then I am no one to not forgive... today I am an adult and I wonder if it would be right to try to connect with this partenal family?? but I read a lot in the internet and its said that a child born from zina should not be assossiated in any way to her biological father. does this mean that even being registered with his name and being aware of all of this,does this mean that I am forbidden to have any type of familiar relationship with him or his family?? And that I should not try to forgive and forget or try to listen to his side of the story as he denies being at fault? and does this mean I should change my name to not carry his name?? I dont understand any of this,I hope someone can help me. JAZAKALLAH
asked Feb 2, 2016 in Islam by anonymous

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