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How to spank wife

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I am a young European woman happily married to a wonderful Muslim man and we live in his homeland. Before we married, he honestly explained every detail of a muslim marriage. I liked the idea that he would be the provider and guardian while I would only have limited responsibilties and have accepted the idea that in return he would be dominant and I the obedient one. He also openly explained the benefits of spanking the wife in Islam and asked that I accept it as part of our marriage. He told me, and I researched it, that Islam only permits mild spanking that does not leave any marks and is applied only to body parts where there can be no injury. I also learned that such spanking is more a reconciliation than a punishment and prevents bigger marrital problems. So I agreed. I have been a good and obedient wife and my husband is great provider and loving partner. During the past 19 months, he spanked me only 7 times, with his hand on my bare buttocks. I am wondering though if this is an approved method.
asked Aug 28, 2011 in Islam by anonymous

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I'm so grad that in my country any aggression against woman is a crime and punished with prison.
answered Oct 27, 2012 by anonymous
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Why would you do something like that to protect your relationship? In what sense is that ok? I mean, comunication, love, respect, they all resume in spanking your wife? I honestly think it is naive to think that your wife would respect and love you more if you use some amount of force over her. What abot beeing worthy of her love and respect by beeing that rational, loving,respectfull, kind and unique man that she felt in love with?
answered Oct 31, 2012 by anonymous
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what crap is this?  why are wives being compared to children who need infantalising!   who spanks the husband when he misbehaves?
answered Nov 24, 2012 by anonymous
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My husband and I are muslim since we were born, and we have been together for 7 years. He is a great husband and he never spank me. We live in a very happily marriage. I think if a man loves his wife, he won't hurt her, no matter what. and if a woman loves his husband, she will respect and listen to her husband. So spanking or slapping is never needed. I think If a man spank his wife to gain her wife respect, its so pathetic. Spanking is not a reconsiliation in Islam,,in my knowledge a very light spank could be done as a very last option, if the wife won't listen to her husband, although the husband has talked to him, and has sleep separated. For your consideration, the Prophet PBUH never spank his wives.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by anonymous
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Well, I know of physcual punishment in Islam, but in most western countries that is a crime. Besides, if you need to use violence against your wife, then you have not a secure personality, you are failing as her protector, you are weak. If you are a real man, you not even need to shut her, she will obey you because you are a real man, you have to show that you are a real family head, you have to show a serious strong personality, a good provider, a good protector, then she will follow your rules if you want.
answered Aug 28, 2013 by johndz (920 points)
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I think if a man has to continually punish his wife, then the punishment is not working or the wife likes it. I've been married 3 yrs and never had to be punished or spanked or slapped by my husband. If he did then I would be so traumatized that I would never disobey again. But what I want to know is why are you so disobedient and disrespectful to your husband in the first place? My husband only had to tell me one time that I am to obey him and respect him. I have never broken those rules. Why can you not control yourself? I would not want to feel my husbands hand as a punishment and you should not either. Do not play with fire or one day you will get that spanking you are looking for and it will not be what you expected.
answered Oct 7, 2013 by anonymous
Some wives can't sustain their obedience without an occasionsal spanking, some wives almost never need to be spanked. And some wives are a handful and need more frequent spankings. From what you write you are naturally obedient and submisssive to your husband so if he decided you needed to be spanked you would quickly submit. Of course it's ideal to have an obedient and submissive wife who seldom needs to be spanked which seems to apply to you.
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My husband and I have  been married for about 2years and whenever i do something wrong he first explain to me about my work and then he makes me lay on a pillow and spank on my bare butt. It is a terrible time and i all the time pray to be finished soon
But after that i feel a better wife and obey him better than before. Most of the time after spanking we have a lovemaking and sex and i forget about the pain
I think its a good way to make a woman be a better wife
answered Jun 7, 2014 by anonymous
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This is natural and good. Not abuse. A husband disciplining his wife allows the disobent wife release stress. From the beginning discipline was part of survival. I'll explain.
The husband is the bread winner caretaker and head of household. Anyone who feeds u cares for you puts a roof over your head and protects u from the outside world is over you. Naturally. Anytime a person youre dominate over gets out if control they should be gotten in control...because they can cause a divide..and in the beginning of the world one who divided a house, would be subject to attacks and threaten ones survival. Thus the saying A house devided cant stand.
So its hardwired in our dna to react.
Woman are naturally emotional and reacts negatively to these feelings...unable to control it in shopping...chores..or a disobent and disrespectful to her husband.
I also get maintance spankings and it sure makes me mind for a long time.
I get spanked with a belt. Hard and it leaves bruises but if  spankings are to work the need to be harsh.
I follow sharia law and proud to submit to my husband and i do know my place. And its obeying my husband or else!
answered Jan 24, 2016 by Rahma (140 points)
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I like to spank without making any injury. a mild and sexy spanking. It makes me and the partner very horny. If you are really interested to get spanked, please mail me ([email protected])
answered Nov 22, 2016 by Rajib
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I dont understand why would you punish your wife by slapping her butt? This sounds more like a fantasy, instead of religious requirement. If you need to punish your wife, there are many other methods which are also explained in Quran.
answered Nov 4, 2011 by anonymous
read it again
Actually the Quran is very specific on this.  In Sura Al Nisa section 6 it is written

As to those women
on whose part ye fear
Disloyalty and ill conduct. admonsh them first
next refuse to share their beds
and last spank them
But if they return to obedience
seek not against them
means of annoyance
for Allah is most high
Great above you all.

I have had occasion to spank my wife several times, never without a warning, never without a good reason. She is spanked  nude with a strap my father in law grave me for just this pupose. I seldom need to use this strap, a warning most always gets her back on track in her duties as a wife.