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How to spank wife

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I am a young European woman happily married to a wonderful Muslim man and we live in his homeland. Before we married, he honestly explained every detail of a muslim marriage. I liked the idea that he would be the provider and guardian while I would only have limited responsibilties and have accepted the idea that in return he would be dominant and I the obedient one. He also openly explained the benefits of spanking the wife in Islam and asked that I accept it as part of our marriage. He told me, and I researched it, that Islam only permits mild spanking that does not leave any marks and is applied only to body parts where there can be no injury. I also learned that such spanking is more a reconciliation than a punishment and prevents bigger marrital problems. So I agreed. I have been a good and obedient wife and my husband is great provider and loving partner. During the past 19 months, he spanked me only 7 times, with his hand on my bare buttocks. I am wondering though if this is an approved method.
asked Aug 28, 2011 in Islam by anonymous

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As with Judeo-Christianity, not all Islamics are peas in a pod as some Westerners suppose.  There is diversity within the faith.  Thus, while spanking one's wife may not be an Islamic tradition, exposure to other cultures resulted in spanking being accepted by some Islamics.

The real issue here may the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law.  Those given to strict treaditional prectices may consider spanking a practice of infidels.  On the other hand, those more inclined to a broader interpertation of the Prophet's commands may conclude that moderate spanking of a woman's bare buttocks by her husband does not violate any Islamic precepts.
answered Aug 25, 2013 by anonymous
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Spanking a wife on bare buttocks makes sense to me. The butt is a part where spanking won't do any damage to the body and if it's exposed, the rebelious wife will feel it and that will teach her a lesson. And nothing will symbolize her submission to her husband then receiving her punishment on the bare butt. When I marry, if corporal punishment becomes part of it, I would certainly do it that way.
answered Oct 26, 2011 by anonymous
Could possibly save a lot of broken homes in our country, where there are no rules and everyone just runs amuck. Straight to Vegas then straight to Divorce court.
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One should have an open mind about wife-spanking. In the West and in muslim countries, domestic violence can be brutal and dagnerous to women. Even when there is no violence, there are frequent marrital conflicts that are stressful on both partners and often lead to divorce. If wife-spanking is done in accordance with the Koran, it prevents lots of problems and can preserve a happy marriage. A good muslim husband is a good provider and protector of his wife and in return for that responsibility is granted a dominant role, which includes the right to use corporal punishment on his wife, but only if she deserves it and if the punishment does not injure her or leave permanent marks.  Spanking the wife and her bare buttocks won't injure her and it will remind her that she has to be obedient to her husband. Such spanking also symbolizes a reconciliation and and end to the wife's rebellion.
answered Nov 8, 2011 by anonymous
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According to the Koran, the wife can be beaten only on body parts where the strokes won't cause permanent injury. Obviously the butocks meet that requirement. They also are not supposed to leave any marks and that is unrealistic. If the spanking is supposed to persuade the wife not to misbehave, it must hurt, at least moderately. If it hurts, it will turn the buttocks red for a few hours, and may leave bruises for a few days. I think that is a reasonable and acceptable punishment.

answered Mar 5, 2012 by anonymous
Not leaving any marks is  not in the Quran, it's been added later because modern sensibilties are offended by the actual words in Quran. One translation reads

" But chide those for whose refactoriness ye have cause to fear; remove them into beds apart , and scourge them: but if they are obedient to you , then seek not occasion against them: verily God is High, Great."

This has come to be  spankings on their bared  behind with a belt, small whip or strap. The concern is not that  they be marked but that punishment be not so severe as to do permanent harm. And the Quran is clear that physical correction is the last resort and an obedient wife must never fear that she will spanked by her husband except for good cause. A Moslem wife is expected to be obedient and submissive to her husband, he rules over her in an unqualifed way. But a Moslem husband is required to be restrained in how and when he punishes his wife. He is not allowed to be cruel to her just because he rules over her. So in most Moslem households it's a rare occurence for a wife to be spanked. I am close friends with a Moslem imam and we discussed these things. He told me has only had to punish his wife three times in eleven years. Once for repeatingly disobeying on credit card use, once for being disresptful to him in front of the children after being warned several times about this and once for repeated lackness in housekeeping.
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When my wife has misbehaved, I give her a rough rapping on her bottom in order to reassert my dominance. A marriage is a relationship between the dominant male, and the obedient female.

The spanking is good for everyone!
answered Mar 20, 2012 by anonymous
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am not a muslim, am "Drooz", and yes spanking in very much cases saves the marriage, espesiallyif used wisly.It is meant to correct the wife's behaviour, not to insult her.I use it with my wife when ever it is needed for major conflicts only.It should be painful to avoid any sexual aspect.Proper spanking may leave marks on buttocks, but at the same time not hard to cause injuries.My wife ofcourse hate it like anyone hates any punishment, but she accept the concept of it like anyone accept the concept of punishment.I and her were raised in our local culture where spanking wifes is no more than required discipline to keep a healthy family in order.I experienced it myself when i was youg by my parents, so did my wife was being spanked by her parents when she was young.I saw it being used with my mother, by my father, so did my wife saw the same between her parents.The bottomline that spanking is usefull if used only when needed and counducted probablyIt is a matter of cultural values that makes you see spanking as corrective action or degrading behaviour.
answered Apr 23, 2012 by anonymous
what exactly is "drooz"?
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Thanks your answer. You mean to slap the face? I am sure that is not permitted because the face is among the body parts mentioned as off limit to spanking. Armss and legs are allowed but it's hard for me to imagine that hitting them would work. I also know that spanking is the last resort. First the husband has to try to persuade the wife to change her behavior. If that does not work he should stop sleeping with her but that would punish him as well. Then comes mild spanking and it is meant as reconciliation and a reminder to the wife that the man is dominant and she must be obedient. I prefer this to long-lasting marital problems in Europe because the spanking may take 5 minutes and all is forgiven.
answered Aug 30, 2011 by anonymous
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I understand that a husband must first try to persuade the rebelious wife not to be rebelious. If that doesn't do it, he should ignore her and not sleep with her, but that would probably punish me more than her since I want to have sex all the time. That's why I would skip that step and go directly to corporal punishment. I understand that the Koran allows only mild spanking and only on body parts where it will not do damage. Since the buttocks are the biggest muscles, spanking them hurts but does not injure them. And spanking her bare butt will humiliate the wife and remind her that the husband is dominant and thaat she must obey him. According to the Koran, the spanking also symbolizes reconciliation.
answered Nov 6, 2011 by anonymous
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Spanking is defined as a brisk, lively hitting on the buttocks with an open hand.  I would love a husband that would give me a brisk lively hitting with his open hand on my bare buttocks.  Reconcilation can be sweet!
answered Nov 12, 2011 by anonymous
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I live in the U.S. I was joking with my wife the other day and told her of she didn't obey me I was going to spank her. She laughed at me, then I told her that in some cultures that spanking is accepted as a form of putting your wife in check, so to speak. She laughed even harder. Well then I showed her this thread and she was in shock. I told her that if she wasn't careful I was going to convert to Muslim, then I would be show to spank her and it would be acceptable. I am intrigued by other cultures, not just becaise of the wife spanking thing, but because they are interesting.
answered Feb 6, 2012 by anonymous
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