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I know you have jealousy about your religion. But I have even more jealousy than you but unfortunately my OCD interferes with my ability to understand. So please give me a sincere answer. Please don't confuse with waswas. Selam alejkum. I know it is weird but people with ocd sometimes have extreme intelligence to the point that I won the third place in national olympiad of mathematics but sometimes they don't understand things that are simpler than 1+2=3. I remember once making this kind of question on chatislam and the response was: how dare you say those things about sahabah?! Are you mentally insane? With sahabah I mean both men and women because many sahabah have been women.(sahabah are those that have seen or met the messenger) Remember that he has no intention of making fun of them or disrespecting them or lowering their esteem. But he intentionally imagines them in that state without feeling anything about them. In other words not a single sexual feeling or offensive feeling passes his body, just like not a single sexual or offensive feeling passes your body when you imagine a Description:
I need a lot this answer (0 votes)
I need a lot this answer (0 votes)
asked Jun 15, 2019 in Islam by Abdyl

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