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Where can I buy an organic halal chicken and rib of beef?

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I am expecting Islamic visitors from the Middle East and I want to cook them a traditional Sunday roast dinner,

Where can I get a Halal Aberdeen Angus or Hereford, roasting rib joint, sirloin or wing rib, well hung and a Halil organic chicken?

The local Halil butcher was not any help at all, he did not seem to be able to give me any provinance beyond saying it was Halil and my regular artisan butcher went very frosty when I asked if I could order Halil meat.
asked Jan 9, 2012 in Islam by anonymous
edited Jan 10, 2012 by Admin

1 Answer

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Well Helal (or Halal but not Halil) meats are usually accessible in your local "Halal Market (grocery store)" depends on your location, most big cities have arabic, iranian or some Muslim country based Halal Markets. Some of those Halal markets have their own butchers in them and if you just ask them, they will make whatever you want from a cow.

A rib? a sirloin? anything you want, they can just make it in front of you and you can buy from your local Halal store. However i dont know your location so i cant talk for sure.

Even in the worst case i am sure you can find a Halal store online which can mail your requirements in a frozen form or something. You can start your search by checking out this site ****://
answered Jan 10, 2012 by anonymous