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Is it uncommon for a Muslim man to marry a non- muslim widow 22 yrs his senior?

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HOW do Muslims look upon a marriage where the woman is a NON-MUSLIM  widow and 22 yrs the grooms senior?

asked Apr 7, 2012 in Islam by Anonymus (1,080 points)
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Well. Muslims are pretty family oriented. They usually ask for parent permission to get marry and parent dont usually like a big age difference. Especially if the woman is 22 years older than the guy.

So i am not saying its impossible. You can get marry to anybody (in the opposite sex) but families may not like what you are doing :)

On the other hand, if she is a widow and you are doing it for only good intentions then it maybe ok. But you really need to be in a good economical situation to handle her expenses and keep her happy. Many muslim countries would understand and like marrying a widow to keep her safe. But some (modern muslim countries like Turkey) will get stuck about the age difference.

So that comes down to which muslim are you asking this question to? A Saudi will be very different than a Phillipine.


Hope i could help.
answered Apr 7, 2012 by anonymous
Yes this was very helpful and hopeful. Do you have anymore information about this? He is a Sunni Muslim from Algeria. I am a widow. I am very concerned about what his parents will say, but he does not seem to be worried.