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Is music considered haram in Islam?

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I heard that accapello(no instruments) music was the only kind permitted in Islam religion.
asked Apr 20, 2012 in Islam by Anonymus (1,080 points)
edited May 21, 2012 by Anonymus

4 Answers

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If so, I hope god will forgive me. I am in love with music. It is one of the best art form in the entire world. Without music, I think the world would be such a dark place.
answered Apr 24, 2012 by anonymous
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Well to be honest, this is one of the most absurd questions i have ever seen about Islam.

and i live in US. So i thought i get the most absurd questions here.

Anyway, to take your question seriously and answer it, No. It is not haram. No music can be haram in Islam. I have never heard something like that. Islam has its own music, ryhtms and melodies.  It would be a huge conflict.
answered Apr 24, 2012 by anonymous
the only absurd question is the one not ask.
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I do know there are muslims who believe music is haram, no negotiations. I agree without music the world would be a darker place. I suppose some music can also make the world a darker place. Good debate.
answered May 21, 2012 by Anonymus (1,080 points)
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I have heard that the profet muhammed sws said that there are only two instrumments thar are alowed, a special arabic drum and the tamburin. haven't you heard that there is a punishment after this life. if you have listend to music there will be really hot needle burned in the hellfire, in to your ears. so people if you want to seek knowledge be aware with who you are asking because somepeople just says that they are muslims, but do they fallow the five pillers of islam if they did that by heart they wouldn't need to listen to music. They could read the quran and seeking good deeds.

Thanks for reading, hope you might understan better:)
answered Oct 13, 2012 by anonymous