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Spanking in Islam allowed? [poll]

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i am a muslim wife and i want my husband to discipline. But I am not sure, if it is against Islam. I know, that it is allowed that a man can punish his wife at last method. But I am not sure if a practise like maintain-spanking (i read about this in internet in combinattion with domestic disciplin) is ok with islam.

I really want to introduce domestic disciplin and maintain spanking in my marriage. I think it would help me to be a better wife, obedient and submissive. We love each other very much and I love the thougth, my husband would give me reguallary maintain spankings. (but I have the fear, it is maybe against islamic rules???)

And I read in internet that discipline-spankings can spy up the intimate-relationsship

yes (5 votes)
no (0 votes)
asked May 24, 2012 in Islam by anonymous

6 Answers

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I think its allowed and also necessary
answered May 25, 2012 by anonymous
Did does work for some if you feel you need it then I’m sure it’s ok
DD does work for some if you feel you need it then I’m sure it’s ok
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i think it is sooo sexy for wife to be spanked, especially is hubby watches wife being spanked by another man, right?
answered Jun 12, 2012 by anonymous
reshown Mar 2, 2017 by Admin
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Apparently it is, see questions on this site about this matter, also Quran 4:34 and haddith as well as Sharia law. Yes it is allowed and it is practiced.
answered Aug 23, 2012 by anonymous (6,010 points)
just remember, no husband is to be questioned as to why he spanks his wife, and even though you might think this could spice up your sex life there is a world of difference in an erotic spanking and a discipline spanking. One can be very stimulating and arousing while the other can be very painful and humiliating meant to cause shame for bad behavior. Make sure you know what you are asking for and understand the difference. Allahs intention was not for you to be aroused from punishment as this would continue bad behavior. The husband is not supposed to engage in sex directly after punishing his wife. If you just want a playful smack here and there or role play for sex then initiate this yourself. Good luck to you.
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I am muslim woman and before marriage i had needs to be spanked for bad behaviour or to just keep in line, so i found one old sheikh who spanked me from time to time.It was very very hard spanking and so painfull but i feelt free after spanking.I have to admit that my butt was dark blu from spanking.He used spanked me by his hand sometimes with belt.I know and i am sure that this was helping my personality a lot to be good wife today.
answered Sep 9, 2013 by anonymous
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To be spanked or punished by husband is right way to keep wife in line.I think if wife and husband agree about that it's not haram.Wife need to be punished sometimes to realise her mistakes, most of the time woman in her anger not realise reality and she need to feel husband straight !
answered Sep 10, 2013 by nora (200 points)
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Violence is never the answer.  Spanking is ILLegal all around the world and can cause injury,  Why not discuss the problem?
answered Mar 1, 2015 by Kemma