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Are muslims allowed to marry non-muslims?

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I saw in the news a couple years back that a muslim father killed his two daughters. It was rumored that this was because his daughters were dating non-muslims? What does it say in islam about that?
asked Sep 25, 2012 in Islam by anonymous

3 Answers

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Males may marry outside of Islam but it is expected that the new wife would convert pretty quickly as it would be very hard to maintain a solid marriage between a practicing Muslim and a wife who does not believe. Female Muslims are forbidden to marry outside of Islam because the Qur'an says the man is the head of the home and the wife is to follow him, if he is not Muslim then she would be outside of her religion. If he converted to Islam, he would then be allowed to ask her family for her hand.
answered Sep 26, 2012 by anonymous (6,010 points)
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You should really make the other one convert before you get married. Otherwise you run into problems in your marriage.
answered Sep 27, 2012 by anonymous
"make" sounds like compulsion or forcing someones hand. It really should be the choice of the non-Muslim to convert because they truly believe or are willing to learn and not because they felt it would please their Muslim partner. It should be about pleasing Allah, who will then bless your union.
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For me Muslim marry with non-muslim will have no affect. Islamic identity and commitment there is no bar against such marriages. As long as they love each other.....
answered Jan 29, 2013 by Thavok (390 points)