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Is Anal Sex Allowed In Islam?

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 Hi, I have a Muslim boyfriend. I know that we are living in sin. We might get married after he buys a house. He had a house before but his ex-wife divorced him and took the house and the boat away from him. She was Catholic. This was 6 years ago. So now he has to start all over again. He makes a lot of money as the manager of a Taco Bell. So as soon as he gets a house we will hopefully be married. But yes, right now we live in sin. Not only does he have intercourse with me but he performs anal sex on me. I'm not completely comfortable with it but it is my desire to submit to his will. When we get married is he permitted in Islam to have anal sex with me? I know that sometimes anal sex can cause bleeding. After he has anal sex with me I ask him to please wash his gentials with soap and water. I ask him to wash it with soap and water to prevent infection. I would hate to catch an infection from him sticking it in the wrong hole and then sticking it in the right hole. So he washes his gentials when I ask him to.I feel as though I might be going to hell. But lately I've had my doubts about Jesus comming back. I really need a boyfrind and eventually a husband because I live alone and suffer from depression that causes me think of suicide almost on a daily basis. So I think what I'm doing is better than commiting suicide. I rather have a boyfriend and be alive than be alone and kill myself. Because I swear, the suicidal feelings come from living alone. Just like sometimes I smoke an e-ciggarrete instead of slitting my wrist. I am doing my best to practice being a good wife. I am very respectful to my boyfriend. I say 'please' and 'thank you' on a daily basis. It is important to me to be respectful to my future husband because my mom was very dis-respectful to her husband. My mom would punch my dad, yell at him, call him names, make him do all the cooking and was never thankful for anything. I've wanted to get married and be the total opposite of my mom. That why I'm always saying 'please' and 'thank you' to my boyfriend. My mom was diagnoised with Boarderline Personality Disorder later in life. Anways, what does Islam say about anal sex?

asked Nov 23, 2012 in Islam by lovemykitty (120 points)
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Assalamu Alaykum

First of all I would like to urge those muslims that please do not give islamic advice if you don't know or not sure. Anal sex in islam is totally haraam.

Sister you are living in sin and your boyfriend unfortunately is not a true muslim but only by name. Islam elevates the status of a women. My advise to you is to free yourself and find salvation in islam, how? Educate yourself.

Islam is a religion that covers the whole life of man and evaluates every issue, therefore islam did not ignore sexuality that has an important place in the life of man and sex education.

One of the sahaba wanted to have sex with his wife through the reproduction organ but wanted to approach her from the back. The wife objected to it and forwarded a complaint to the Prophet (peace be upon him)

This is where the Prophet SAW explained the quranic verse 2:223:- Husbands can approoach their wives as they wish so long as it is through the reproductive organ.

Islam forbids sexual intercourse in the following cases:

Intercouse during mentrual periods

Anal intercourse is a great sin to have with his wife

The Prophet said Allah does not have mercy on the man who carries out anal sex with his wife.
answered Dec 4, 2012 by ladymeeda (220 points)
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Well, first of all you are doing zina which is of course a sin having sex without marriage. So you should feel bad about the current situation no matter if you have oral, anal or vajinal sex. Its haram even when you arouse a man in anyway.

But; if we are talking about after having marriage then its totally a different story. He is your husband and you have yo do whatever pleases him. Especially on bed. His fantasies and desires could be different, weird ir even twisted for you but Quran says, you must obey him and make him happy. So he will be satisfied in everyway, live in peace and will keep providing for his family.

Of course you should be clean and he should be also. The best time to have anal sex is when you just come out of the shower. Because you know you are clean and he is also clean in every aspect. Therefore he and you can perform any dirty fantasie on each other.

Of course you can have infection so can he because of anal sex. So being clean should be the top priority as lots of lubrication should be the second.
answered Nov 23, 2012 by anonymous
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Its not explained as Anal sex or not but It says in Quran that as a wife (if you are one) you shoul obey your Husbands wishes and make sure he is pleased in every way.

If you are not married then you shouldnt do any type of sexual activitiy with a man.
answered Nov 26, 2012 by anonymous
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ladymeeda is 100% correct. Anal sex is HARAM and it is clearly stated in the QUR'AN.
answered Dec 27, 2012 by anonymous (6,010 points)
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what about anal sex with condom? Before long time condom didn't exist so i think that anal sex can be fine with condom, then is no worry about desiesess.
answered Mar 30, 2013 by Fatima (310 points)
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Anal Sex is Haram Haram Haram<
answered Aug 28, 2013 by anonymous
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Yep, anal sex is forbidden in Islam and in other several religions of Middle Eastern origin. Many people parctice it in their own discretion, but if you want to folllow all the Islam rules you can't do it, from Islam perspective is a sin.
answered Aug 30, 2013 by johndz (920 points)