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Are Muslim women inferior to men in Islam?

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Are Muslim women inferior to men in Islam?
asked Jan 25, 2013 in Islam by anonymous

3 Answers

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According to Islam women are not considered inferior to men. Men and women have similar rights and in certain areas women actually enjoy some privileges that the men do not. In terms of property, marriage and divorce women have been given rights and in fact I think it's approriate enoygh to consider this.
answered Jan 25, 2013 by elizabethmadison63 (520 points)
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men have degrees of strength over women so they are to be the protectors and maintainers of the home. The rights are equal but each partner plays a different role based on natural born God given strengths and weaknesses. This school of thought is not isolated to muslims and/or islam.
answered Jan 25, 2013 by anonymous (6,010 points)
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I should disagree about this issue Islam or not all women hs every right to be treated equally.. What I mean is that WOMEN should be cares treated as FRAGILE... its not that inferior... in the begginning both are equal... so why say inferiority where both can treat equally?
answered Jan 28, 2013 by fowlesjames248 (430 points)