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Is Wife beating acceptable in Islam?

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Is Wife beating acceptable in Islam?
asked Jan 25, 2013 in Islam by elizabethmadison63 (520 points)
In Islam a husband is instructed to use physical correction of a wife if all else fails.

 In Sura Al Nisa section 6 it is written

As to those women
on whose part ye fear
Disloyalty and ill conduct. admonsh them first
next refuse to share their beds
and last spank them
But if they return to obedience
seek not against them
means of annoyance
for Allah is most high
Great above you all.

I have had occasion to spank my wife several times, never without a warning, never without a good reason. She is spanked  nude with a strap my father in law grave me for just this pupose. I seldom need to use this strap, a warning most always gets her back on track in her duties as a wife.

6 Answers

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Wife beating is not acceptable in Islam in any case. I think there is no law that allows women to be beaten up right? Women should be treated the most nicest way as I believed...  Women deserves that Islam or not... Right?
answered Jan 25, 2013 by hawkes.andre (420 points)
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No, a good muslim who truly practices islam knows that beating ones wife is unacceptable. This is true in every religion, every culture and every country. Wife beating exists is never acceptable.
answered Jan 25, 2013 by anonymous (6,010 points)
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I agree that spanking is not the sam as beating, but still if wife ask her husband to beat her? Some woman feel when husband beat her she respect him more and love him more.
answered Mar 30, 2013 by Fatima (310 points)
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Of course not! Beating a woman incredibly unacceptable even in christianity, I believe that women deserves to be treated nicely.
answered Feb 1, 2013 by hancy1945 (270 points)
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Please if someone can tell what if moslem wife ask husband po punish her ? I mean in way of spank her.
answered Feb 27, 2013 by Fatima (310 points)
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there are several topics and question and answers on this subject already, even a poll. Spanking is by definition not the same as beating.
answered Mar 11, 2013 by anonymous (6,010 points)