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Just exactly what kind of bad girl does she have to be?

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Clearly there are occasion when women in islam ,a sister if you will,  are physically punished by a male member in her life for one reason or another. I am not here to judge just to learn. From this site I have learned that the word "beat" is misunderstood in the western world (to have one meaning in Arabic). The muslims also have more than one meaning and it is understood between them as our version is understood among westerners. Unfortunately when an Arab says beat a westerner hears abuse. This is just not the case.

So we have wives who are spanked and feel they deserved it. We have sisters that are spanked by brothers, sons and daughters spanked by parents (appears to be mostly "ba" administering punishment). I do realize every family dynamic is different so there are variables, i.e techniques, implements, severity...ect. and if you want to share that is fine if not thats ok too.

My question is what offensses are created that would cause a musliman to feel obliged to punish a women in his life? Are there certain offensses stated in the Qur'an or haddiths that one should go by or is it based on the rules in the home? What broken rules or laws would warrant a spanking?
asked Jan 28, 2013 in Islam by anonymous (6,010 points)
In Islam a wife is expected to be comepletely  obedient and submissive in marriage. So a wife who fails to behave this way can be punished by her husband after he has made clear to her his displeasure at her behavior. A wife may also be punished for not doing her household chores properly and a very severe punishment will occur if she doesn't guard her modesty outside the home. Unmarried women can be punished by their father or brother if they behave in ways that bring dishonor on the family. Of course a father may always punish a daughter for any reason he sees fit until she is married. After marrIage a father may punish a daughter only with her husband's concurence, though out of respect most husbands will allow a father to correct a daughter after marriage for disrespect to her parents,

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the issue you asked about is still disputed... As I have known even among Muslims, the uses and interpretations of shari
answered Jan 28, 2013 by josephgillies74 (520 points)
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Hey anonymous just wandering why are you asking that? I hope you are not getting offended with my question for you...Is just that it came to my mind are you planning to beat up your wife? If you love her then there's no reason at all to that...
answered Jan 28, 2013 by anonymous
Not at all, as a matter of fact I am a woman and therefore have no wife. Just studying islam and trying to distinguish between what is islamic law and what is tradition. And while I agree with you there is no reason, there are those I have interviewed that say the reason it is sometimes necessary to punish their wives IS because they do LOVE them and want to keep them on the straight path. Believe it or not there are women who agree with this. Also the men believe Allah will punish them if they don't punish a disobediant wife, as they are spiritually above the woman. I just want to know for what reasons it is permissable. For example is it because he just feels like it, it's time to put her in her place, she burnt his dinner, ect ect, or are ther specific transgressions she must committ? And as josephgillies states that it is not allowed in todays islam...well thats not true. Most practicing islamist believe the Qur'an today is the same as yesterday, and research proves there is a monarchy in every household in which the man has the last word.