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What are the key things that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have in common and what they share?

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What do Islam, Christianity and Judaism and share in common.
asked Apr 14, 2013 in Islam & Christianity by anonymous

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Judaism and Islams share the commone ancestor in Abraham. Ishmael was the child Abraham had by Sarah's handmade, who he banished when Sarah finally had a baby boy. Ismail and his mother Hagar went into the desert and would have died except God sent the angel Gabriel who showed Hagar where a water spring was. Thus we're they saved and it is this well Sam sam, where Moslems go when taking part in the Haj. Abraham was told by God to circumcise his son as a covenant with God and his people. This became  the Jewish nation. Jews and Moslems share a lot of food tabus, along with separation of the sexes at time.
answered Apr 15, 2013 by anonymous