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What is the point of this life

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Limited to the knowledge I claim, I know humans were created to worship Allah in this Dunya. Why? Because Allah has loved us so much that he has made available so many things even after, on behalf of all of mankind, Adam and Eve disobeyed Allah resulting them to be banished to this world. So we must be thankful and apologetic to Allah for providing us so much and being all forgiving. But still that wasn't my fault, it was Adam and Eve's. However, another reason to believe Allah would be because of his words in the Qu'ran. There are many miracles and evidence in the Qu'ran corresponding to events which took place in real life, convincing me to believe in the Qu'ran, hence, Islam. And the mere fact that it is beautifully written. But still, there is a fundamental question pondering in my head. Why did Allah send me? As a test? Because he loves me? But I didn't opt for this life so what is the point? So if I can't find a real point, what is the use of worshiping him at all? Wouldn't I have been fine being nothing instead of being human? I don't need to go to heaven or hell or anywhere, I did not choose this, and if I didn't want this, how can I consider it a blessing? Why do I exist to believe in Allah, even if Allah himself came down to earth to tell me everything in Islam is true and he is real, why should I believe him? I know that this world was definitely created, because the level of perfection in everything cannot just be a blind coincidence, so I roughly believe that there must be a creator.
asked Aug 8, 2014 in Islam by anonymous

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A good question my dear friend :)
The reason Allah let you be a human is so you could be tested. And Allah does of course know what's gonna happen to you in your life or not, because he is the all powerful. Allah created you as human because
1. He wants you to know that you're doing what you're doing by your own choices.
2. This life is only temporary, while the life after death (the hereafter) is never ending. Why do you think that you have a choice? You can't just simply say that at the day of judgement. Allah is the only one who decides if you get to be born as that or simply not born. You should believe him because he obviously made the Quran possible and his name is clearly written in the Quran. The book that has proof and evidence for Islam being the real deal.
answered Sep 1, 2015 by Ali