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Can a Muslim eat kosher meat?

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I want to invite my muslim friends for a meal and don't want them to have to worry about haram
asked Mar 22, 2011 in Islam & Judaism by anonymous
edited May 21, 2011 by Admin

1 Answer

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No. I mean they can but if you must live your life by the book only then you shouldnt eat Kosher meat.

Eventhough Kosher and Halal are almost the same thing, there is a very minor difference as far as i know. The difference is Kosher meat is not prepared in the name of God nor mentioned the name of God during the process. So eventhough the process is very similar Jews dont sacrifice the life to God and/or for his name.

If you look at the techniques and the purpose of the process, a modern muslim would say ok for Kosher meat. But if you must know, yes there is a difference and if you are very strict about the subject, then you should not eat kosher meat thinking it is the same with Halal meat.
answered Mar 23, 2011 by anonymous