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Why Muslims have to cover their body or their head?

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Why they cover themselves? Is it more of a tradition or a mandatory religious obligation?
asked Jan 16, 2011 in Islam by anonymous

3 Answers

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Because a women/girls body is just for her and her man, no one elsa. covering ur body protects you from a lot of bad things ... (if a guy cant see you then he wont be tempted to do any to you) and about wearing a hijab.. it  is said that a girls hair is her beauty...which is very much true.
answered May 30, 2011 by anonymous
I dont agree with one statement there...
"if a guy cant see you then he wont be tempted to do any to you"

For some guys, it is enough to be just a girl. You dont have to be beautiful or attractive. They will still harm you. Attack you. Being girl is enough reason to get attacked.
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Because it says in Quran. I dont remember the exact chapter but it specifically tells to cover from wrists to ankles and the head also. There is a big conflict in Muslim world about this subject.

You can see Muslim women in Afganistan coveredhead to toe including their eyes. But you can also see Muslim women in Turkey wearing mini skirt and no head scarf.
answered Jan 16, 2011 by anonymous
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I don't know who you wrote this for but you helepd a brother out.
answered Sep 14, 2011 by anonymous