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Why Muslims Dont like Jews?

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Why there is always fight between Muslims and Jewish people? What is the problem between them that takes hundreds of years to solve? yet it still continues
asked Jan 22, 2011 in Islam & Judaism by anonymous
edited May 21, 2011 by Admin

12 Answers

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stop talking comparing religion amonth us as it kills our human relationship and soladarity in this we better do global partnership and learn our history and take a good lesson from whish is good for us all. Do our worship and behave accordingly to our religion and build tolance each other and lets build the world a peace planet to live...stop stop stop blamming and end religius conflicts now...
answered Jul 20, 2013 by anonymous
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The answers are literally in Exodus. The Jews crossed the red sea, lived in the wilderness, then were led to their current land in which they killed the former inhabitants. Who's land is it? And who took it from who? It is still going on today.
answered Oct 2, 2013 by anonymous